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Veev Spirits Acai Spirit 60 (750ml) UNKNOWN Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Veev Spirits Acai Spirit 60 (750ml)
FROM DEEP IN THE HEART OF BRAZILIAN AMAZON. THE ACAI BERRY IS THOUGHT TO BE THE WORLD'S PREEMINENT SUPERFRUIT. AND VEEV IS THE WORL'S FIRST ACAI SPIRIT BORN FO A DESIRE FOR ADVENTUROUS LIVING, VEEV HAS BEEN BLENDED WITH EXOTIC INGREDIENTS, SUCH AS PRICKLY PEAR AND THE ACEROLA CHERRY A 60 proof clear spirit, make no mistake, VeeV is not vodka. With a more dynamic taste, and a little less alcohol on the palette, VeeV is a more sophisticated complement to your evening. Yet it can still be enjoyed like any flavored or infused vodka: chilled neat, on the rocks or in mixed drinks and martinis.Acai, the essence of VeeV, tastes like a blend of dark berries with a hint of chocolate. When combined with hints of Acerola Cherry and Prickly Pear, VeeV forms the perfect balance of berries, citrus and alcohol
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