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Tanteo Cocoa Tequila (94TS) (750ML) MX Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Tanteo Cocoa Tequila (94TS) (750ML)
A 100% agave tequila mixed with a little mystery of the cocoa makes Tanteo all the more exiting. Inspired by the traditional mole sauces of Mexico, they formulated Tanteo Cocoa. The cocoa beans begin their adventurous voyage in Guadalajara, where Tanteo use traditional methods to produce light, medium and dark roasted beans. The roasted cocoa beans then arrive at the distillery where they are grounded by hand and mixed with Tanteo 100% agave tequila in special maceration tanks. A multi-stage filter process slowly and deliciously turns it into Tanteo Cocoa. 94 Points Tequila Spectator
Product #: 335311

Bottle Price: $44.00
Case Price: $528.00

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