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Krug Collection 1989 (94JG) (750ML) FR Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Krug Collection 1989  (94JG) (750ML)
96 WA 96 WS
"Shows a lovely interplay between the creamy bead and rich notes of almond financier, apricot preserves, treacle and cardamom, with finely cut, persistent acidity and flavors of pastis, raspberry puree, fennel seed and fleur de sel. Offers a refined, lasting finish, with a push of saline-tinged minerality...96" WS Insider 11/13 "The 1989 Brut Collection is all of the things a gorgeous, mature Champagne should be. Autumn leaves, tobacco, mint, licorice, dried pears and sweet, exotic spices all waft from the glass in this totally complete, layered wine. The 1989 is a big, huge wine, rather it is a Champagne that impresses with exceptional overall balance and total finesse. I have had the 1989 Collection several times, but this is by far the finest bottle I have run across. When Krug is firing on all cylinders, there really is no substitute...96" WA 11/12
Product #: 341182

Bottle Price: $681.00
Case Price: $8,172.00

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