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Punta Crena Barbarossa Rose 2010 (750ml) IT Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Punta Crena Barbarossa Rose 2010 (750ml)
The terraced vineyards are at 100-300 m altitude and within 1.2 km of the sea, all vinification in stainless steel, no machines are used for pumping over; the pressure resulting from the release of gas during fermentation is used instead. Maceration lasts 15 days, wines spend four months on the lees. This is the only Barbarossa produced in Italy (although a distinct grape variety grown in Emilia-Romagna coincidentally has the same name). The grape is quite pale and gives a rose wine even after a full 15-day maceration. Soil: The rocks in Varigotti have an unusually high aluminum content; as the rock breaks down the aluminum is released and washes into the clay soil, where over several years it oxidizes and turns red. Makers Notes
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