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Seven Hills Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 (91WE) (750ML) US Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Seven Hills Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 (91WE) (750ML)
"There will be no reserve Cabernet from Seven Hills in this vintage and, as is sometimes the case, the regular bottling is all the better for it. Here the addition of fruit from Klipsun, Artz, and and other blocks, generally used in the Pentad bottling, adds heft and depth. Lovely aromas of raspberry and cherry, highlights of basil and other fresh herbs, and bracing natural acidity create a perfect mix of flavors that remain delicate yet penetrating...91" WE 11/13 "Lush characteristics of a carefully tended cooler vintage reveal a charming follow up to the very popular 2010 Columbia Valley Cabernet release. We used the full spectrum of Bordeaux red varietals to create a complex, layered and balanced wine. It’s vibrant and darkly colored, with aromas of red currant, lavender, vanillin and red plum. By mouth there are sweet red fruit flavors and a chocolate, halvah-like richness. The red plum finish lingers with sweet spice, brightness and balance." Winery
Product #: 375606

Bottle Price: $22.99Sale Bottle: $19.54
Case Price: $275.88Sale Case: $234.50

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