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Catarratto Cantina Ericina 2011 (750ML) IT Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Catarratto Cantina Ericina 2011 (750ML)
100% Catarratto from sustainably farmed, non-irrigated vineyards in Western Sicily. Fermented in concrete and aged in stainless steel. The soil varies between limestone, friable shale, and sandy loam. This co-op also produces olive oil, sheep’s milk cheese, and wheat. Practicing organic Catarratto is Sicily’s most widely planted grape variety and although omnipresent on the island, it is mainly concentrated in the province of Trapani, and Erice is considered its home. For a variety which has such a firm grip on the island surprisingly little is known. First recordings of the grape were as early as the 17th century but only since 1970 have at least four types of Catarratto been distinguished – on the basis of different berry shapes – with Comune and Lucido being the two main clones.
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