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La Dolce Vita Tasting 

La Dolce Vita Tasting

Italian Spirits

Ah, the sweet life! Full of pleasure and indulgence, this weekend we are taking it back to Italia. For the first time at Zachys we are happy to introduce our friends from Gruppo Caffo & Fratelli Branca.

Gruppo Caffo, a Calabrian distillery producing artisanal spirits since 1915 using ancient recipes & blending experience with innovation. Giuseppe Caffo built his small distillery in 1915 with the hope that he could create the finest liqueurs from native Italian aromatic fruits and medicinal herbs. Using high quality, all-natural ingredients, combined with complex, but delicious recipes, Caffo established his company, which has grown immensely over time. Today, the distillery is still owned and operated by the family, who still employ the traditional production methods used to create these famous Italian liqueurs.

Fratelli Branca Distillerie is a well-established Italian company operating in the spirits sector. The company, founded over 165 years ago in Milan, has always been controlled and headed by the Branca family, now at the fifth generation. This entrepreneurial story began in 1845, when Bernardino Branca invented the bitter liqueur that would have become popular all over the world: Fernet-Branca. Its unique and secret formula has been passed down to the present day and has stayed the same over the years.

Fare un Giro (take a drive) and enjoy La Dolce Vita at Zachys!


Fernet Branca Liqueur (750ml) Product #44818 IT Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Fernet Branca Liqueur (750ml) Fernet Branca Liqueur (750ml)
"Rich sensations of dozens of herbs and spices picked in four continents. The secrets of this recipe wisely cherised for five generations. The ... more >
Bottle Price: $32.99
Case Price: $395.88
Carpano Antica Vermouth (1L) Product #366832 IT Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Carpano Antica Vermouth (1L) Carpano Antica Vermouth (1L)
Carpano "Antica Formula" is an exquisite Italian vermouth expertly handcrafted in small batches from the finest ingredients. Based on a recipe ... more >
Bottle Price: $34.99
Case Price: $419.88
Carpano Punt E Mes Vermouth (93WE) (750ml) Product #33555 IT Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Carpano Punt E Mes Vermouth (93WE) (750ml) Carpano Punt E Mes Vermouth (93WE) (750ml)
" Top 50 Spirits of 2011...This sweet vermouth is deep and intriguing, from the dark winy color to the plummy, raisin-like fragrance. A fleeting ... more >
Bottle Price: $20.99
Case Price: $251.88