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Vodka Taste-Off 

Vodka Taste-Off

Saturday, July 27 | 12-4pm

Who doesn't like vodka now a days especially with every and any flavor one can think of available? Zachys is calling all the vodka lovers to take a drive down for our first ever vodka taste-off. This weekend we will be featuring the big timers as well as the small boutique-y names. Do you really know the taste of your vodka? "Take a drive" on down and find out!

- Violeta

Balls Vodka (1L) Product #345287 US Flag In Stock
Balls Vodka (1L) Balls Vodka (1L)
American Vodka bottled in New York Launched in 2011 Prduced from corn and wheat Distilled 4 times more >
Bottle Price: $24.99
Case Price: $299.88
Stolichnaya 80 Vodka (1L) Product #36244 RU Flag In Stock
Stolichnaya 80 Vodka (1L) Stolichnaya 80 Vodka (1L)
Stolichnaya® Premium Vodka is a classically-styled, exceptionally smooth vodka. Crystal clear in color with marshmallow, mineral and mild ... more >
Bottle Price: $29.99
Case Price: $359.88