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 New Vintage, Still the Same "Slam Dunk" Super-Value Red

New Vintage, Still the Same "Slam Dunk" Super-Value Red

We just can't get enough of those "super-value reds." It's almost mind-boggling how some wines can be so good at such low prices, but we're not ones to complain! That was the case last year when we were first introduced to the Shiraz from Water Wheel, hailing from Bendigo, Australia. In a sea of value red wines under $15.00, it stood tall as a balanced, elegant, yet fruit-driven and complex interpretation of the grape, and it didn't take long for us to sell out. We've stocked up on their newest vintage, and it looks like they've done it yet again:

Australian Wine Companion
Perfect for any occasion and pairing beautifully with grilled meat dishes, this has "end of summer barbecue" written all over it. In stock and drinking beautifully, now is the time to lock in before it's gone...again!

All My Best

Water Wheel Bendigo Shiraz+ 2010 (90AWC) (750ML) Product #376563 AU Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Water Wheel Bendigo Shiraz+ 2010 (90AWC) (750ML) Water Wheel Bendigo Shiraz+ 2010 (90AWC) (750ML)
"Bright colour, deep; red fruits and thyme, with bay leaf lift, offset by liqueur soaked blackberry; the palate is lively and direct, with fleshy ... more >
Bottle Price: $12.99Sale Bottle: $9.99
Case Price: $155.88Sale Case: $119.88